Distributed in Oregon by:

An Oregon family business


Sizes available:
500, 600, 1100 GPD Level 1
600 GPD with UV Level 2
Authorized sales and service

Every sand filter and approved alternative system needs a service contract:

~2 year service contract included in sale~
-Provided by factory trained, licensed service providers
“Aqua Safe's are among the lowest in the state for maintenance cost”

Why do you want to use an Aqua Safe Aerobic Treatment Unit?

  • Ecological Tanks, Inc. is a respected American company with sales across the Nation.
  • Distributed by a family owned and operated business, we understand the needs of the contractors we sell to.
  • Units in stock, ready for free delivery anywhere in the state.
  • Multiple configurations allow flexibility of design.
  • Any state approved septic tank can be used.
  • Repair systems can use existing tank if approved by DEQ.
  • The varied GPD units are the same in connection, operation and function, just dimensionally different.
  • Durable fiberglass construction makes installation easy.
  • The process used in every Aqua Safe is a simple, proven process; not unnecessarily complicated.

Mike Arts (541) 580-4102 or Randy Arts (541) 580-4100